Eric Kasaty


Sandy Rubio

Eric Kasaty and Sandy Rubio

Our Story

Eric and Sandy first met at work in 2015. Sandy was working on the first floor and Eric on the second. Sandy overheard Eric joking around on the other side of the cubicle wall and since she could only hear him and not see him she thought he was cute :D. Over the next few months Eric and Sandy stated dating. By February of 2016 they were a couple! That July they took their first trip together and had an amazing week in Maui and have had wonderful trips to the Big Island, La Paz, Oregon, Minnesota, and Cabo San Lucas since then. Speaking of Cabo...

In February 2018 Eric asked Sandy to go to Cabo San Lucas for Valentines Day. After a few days seeing the sites, drinking, and jet-skiing, they went out for a 4 hour chartered private cruise to see the arch, whales, and all the other sites. What Sandy didn't know was that her family was on their way down and secretly boarded the back of the boat as Eric was proposing. Sandy said yes and we all enjoyed the beautiful sunset!
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